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TRAVEL is a magazine by and for a community of people severely bitten by the travel bug. A place where travel and adventure fanatics can either come read other travelers' experiences, find inspiration for future trips or simply share their own interesting personal accounts.

Travel Makes You

Before I was 16 years old, I had never left the country. Actually, I hadn't even been to London! I'm from a tiny village, with one or two elderly people saying 'hello' every once in a while. But, when I finally took that leap to booking that flight, it sounds silly, but I genuinely felt alive…

I booked a short flight to Mallorca, Spain. And my world changed from then on. It felt like a new world I had just entered. The excitement of grabbing your passport which has been sat in a dusty draw for years, and just going… It was awesome.

It took just 2 hours to get there, and the heat and smell of the country made my heart crave adventures. Adventures to places I'd never even thought about visiting before.

That was it… I had the travel bug. And so it began…

The next week consisted of eating all of the bread, cheese, and cake I could fit in, and drinking all of the red wine in sight. Early and late visits to the crisp, white sandy beaches, and swimming with the fish. It was pure magic for me.

When we arrived back in England, touching down at 5AM, with the wind and rain slapping my face as I clambered off the plane, made my heart sink… What I would've done to be back in the sun rays and food heaven!

So, of course, I had to book a month holiday to Alberta, Canada. Best decicion of my life. When I arrived, I was greeted with 35 degree heat, and blue skies! We went on crazy adventures, white water rafting down a Banff river, mountain horse back riding, a 5 day road trip across Alberta. We stayed in various hotels, B&B's and saw wildlife I had always dreamed of seeing - Black bears, Wild Deere, Cara boos, the lot!

White Water Rafing
White Water Rafing

I truly believe that travelling does help you find yourself, you rely on yourself in a different way than in day to day life. You find yourself taking more risks, enjoying life and seeing everything in a different life. This is why I encourage everyone to travel at least once in their life, to help them see the beauty of life and travelling.

Find your purpose in life.

This article was originally published on @lucydowney