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TRAVEL is a magazine by and for a community of people severely bitten by the travel bug. A place where travel and adventure fanatics can either come read other travelers' experiences, find inspiration for future trips or simply share their own interesting personal accounts.

East Coast Australia

by Sasha Sadri
by Sasha Sadri

Hiya I'm Joe 19 from England. Before I started travelling Australia I went interrailling around Europe for 14 days and went to 5 places.

Anyway back to Australia I decided to book through STA travel with my flight I got a return ticket multi flex so I can change the return flight 3 times. I also got a working holiday visa, booked to do Ozintro Sydney because I was travelling on my own and it was a great way to meet people. It includes 9 nights and they help you set up a bank account, medical, tax and a SIM card. The best parts I have wrote about below.


So I arrived at Sydney airport late Sunday the 1st September 2017 and got picked up by ozintro to the hostel we were staying in called Base Backpackers which is an okay hostel.

Day 1

The ozintro meeting time way 17:00 so we had all morning to our selves. I met 4 others so we went for breakfast on Darling Harbour which was an amazing vue. We then went to look at the Opera House and Harbour Bridge that was incredible. Then at 17:00 we met the rest of our group we had a meal and did a quiz.

Day 2

We walked to the Royal Botanic gardens and then walked to Hyde park to see the Opera house and Harbour Bridge with was nice again, you can't get bored of looking at them they are beautiful. Then we went on a jet boat around Sydney Harbour we got drenched and it wasn't that much of a warm day so we was all cold.

Day 3

We went on a boat trip this time around Sydney Harbour for 2 hours, had a my first BBQ in Australia on the boat. That night we had a free night so I went to see the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge this time went it was lit up when it was dark. It was spectacular.

Day 4

Bondi beach them did the coastal walk and had a BBQ again at the end that was even better.

Day 5

Went to Nelson Bay to do surfing that was really good, went to feed wild kangaroos and then when to taste beer and wine. We stayed in a place where they also looked after animals that have been injured.

Day 6

Sand boarding was so much fun, went on a boat to look for dolphin then walked Tomaree national park and the view were beautiful.

Day 7 Sydney tower meal which was disappointing but the views were incredible of Sydney and It was also sun set when we where there.

I would definitely recommend doing ozintro.

So I made friends with 3 others to travel with we decided to fly to Cairns and travel down the coast on the Premier bus doing activities on the way.


So we stayed in Colypso hostel which is really chilled out and has a nice vibe. The best place for a night out is gilligans. So I did the Atherton tablelands day tour recommend that very highly if your for backpackers. You go to different places in the Forrest and you get to swim in the rivers. Josephine falls, Millaa Millaa falls, Lake eacham.

I also recommend going to Port Douglas the road up is beautiful and its it's a nice little place.

If you like walking in cairns walk up Mount Whitefield you can see all of cairns take about 4 hours. Diving in the great barrier reef is a must its incredible and you can also snorkle.

An hour and a bit drive you have cape Tribulation I saw 2 cassowarys a d did the jungle surf. I also went on a boat o. The daintree river and saw crocodiles. Highly recommend that too.

Cairns to Townsville then ferry to Magnetic Island

I stayed in Base hostel on the beach that was livelier than Colypso the hostel was basic. The views are amazing. You can hire Barbie cars or get around the island on bus. I walked half the island saw loads of parrots, a koala, wallibies, lizards and a little snake. The island is so relaxing and chilled.

Airlie beach boat around Whitsundays

So when I arrived I stayed in Base hostel 1 night that room was awful! Cockroaches, water pipes made loads of noise and to open the door you had to turn it up.

The next day was the condor boat 2 nights at sea around the Whitehaven islands. The beach was unreal sand squeaked when you walked on it and the sea was so clear. I saw a stingray when I was in the sea we also had to wear sting suits to be protected from the jellyfish. We also had a swim and 3 snorkels around the reef. On the boat I met lots of people and got on with them really well. I saw 3 shooting stars, the sky was beautiful at night with loads of stars and it was so clear. I saw turtles, sharks, stingrays, eagles, dolphins and the reef was really nice.

Airlie beach to rainbow beach took 16 hours

Rainbow beach and Fraser island

Arrived at my hostel in rainbow beach at 7:40am and couldn't check-in till half 11 so I went for a walk and stumbled across the great sandy national park, north cooloola section Carlo sandblow. Then that evening won beer pong with a girl from Holland and was talking to a guy from California.

29th Fraser island 4x4 on the beaches they are classed as the high ways its the largest sand island in the world. I swam in lake wabby, to the other side as well, fish are dead skin off your feet which tickled. At night I went down to the beach and star gazed, saw a dingo then roasted marshmallow on the fire. 30th when to Eli creak walked down the stream and then on a ring. After we went to maheno shipwreck and then Indian head view point saw turtles, dolphins and sting rays. After we went to Champaign pools. Saw another dingo as well.31th saw another dingo, went to lake McKenzie for a swim really nice white beach and clear water like Whitehaven but not as good. Sadly they isn't lots of dingos left because they are being put down from human error like leaving food out.


2nd November to 4th

Went on the coastal walk in the noosa national park it too just under 4 hours to get to the other side. I saw a group of yuloo dolphins around 15, 2 mibir turtles, on Alexandria bay turtles lay eggs, wawoon bush turkeys and waruee goana lizards. Then had to walk back through the national park, took an hour. Then later on for sun set I went to loguna look out. WOW BEAUTIFUL. I could see all of noosa.

3rd the everglades kayak self tour took 5 hours it was stunning so peaceful. The water was warm and knee deep most of the way. I kayaked 20km but you can do a canoe tour which is easier. Saw lots of pelicans fishing as well.

Brisbane 4th November

Brisbane is an amazing City so mush to do when you research. So I've been to the Australian zoo, which I loved every minute of and got to hold a koala!! I watched the crocodile show and they showed videos of Steve Irwin, watched the tiger show. Also scarey a bush fire started near the zoo so we was evacuating. All the Australians sat there. After a few hours they got the fire under control but we didn't see the tasman devil's. When I was there I went to the animal hospital.

So Brisbane there's free museums, Ferrys, markets, Laguna to swim in, live music and free comedy shows. They is so much. South side is my favourite part it's beautiful. I've got tickets to day 4 the ashes Australia v England at the Gabba stadium.