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TRAVEL is a magazine by and for a community of people severely bitten by the travel bug. A place where travel and adventure fanatics can either come read other travelers' experiences, find inspiration for future trips or simply share their own interesting personal accounts.

Best Ways to Fly for Less

So you want to go somewhere in the world? You’re tired of sitting in your office job, staring at a computer screen, looking at picturesque photos and thinking to yourself ‘I want to go anywhere but here’. You dream of tropical beaches, historical cities, and mouth-watering food but here you are in the middle of your daily routine.

Holguin, Cuba  — by Jen Drews
Holguin, Cuba  — by Jen Drews

As you’re reading this, your mind is probably flooding with 1000 reasons of why you shouldn’t or can’t pick up and leave. But I think for most people the biggest factors holding them back are time and money. I can’t give people a solution of how to have more time to travel, unless you completely adopt my insane nomadic lifestyle of working online. However, what I can do is tell people how to spend less on flights than your monthly coffee budget. Of course, not all flights will be incredibly cheap, yet by using all of my acquired flying secrets, you’ll have a better chance of flying for less.

Finding flights for under $30 has completely revolutionized changed how I float from country to country. Of course, there are a lot of variables that can impact the price, the first being where you want to fly, what your dates are, and how much luggage you have. When it comes to flying these are the main questions you need to ask yourself before you set off on your next adventure:

1. Where are you located and where do you want to go?

If you live near a flight hub, more cheap flights will be available to you automatically. If you are looking for a deal, check the prices of all the airports near you, often you will find better prices.

2. How much are you bringing with you on your trip?

Most low budget airlines are extremely particular about how much luggage their passengers can bring, always, always read the fine print and details of a flight before booking- if not you could have a huge extra cost at the airport.

3. What time of year are you flying?

There is always low and high season, usually the weather is nicer in high season yet the prices for accommodations and flights are much cheaper for low season. But really research where you want to go in the world, for example flying to Canada in January to be a tourist is just a terrible idea. Take my word, saving on a flight will not compensate for the nightmare of northern winters.

4. What day of the week are you flying and how flexible are your times?

If you don’t have to be somewhere for a particular day, then suddenly the world of cheap flights opens up to you. Flying during the week is generally much cheaper, and I have found that booking tickets during the week is better for finding reduced fares.

Even though there are hundreds of travel apps and sites that all claim to have the best deals, these are a few of my go-to sites that I always check before booking a ticket.



-Budget airline that flies throughout Europe, Morocco, and Israel

-Best for those who travel light and have flexible dates

Cons: Double check the locations of the airports, because often the tickets are so cheap due to the fact that the airports are in really obscure locations. You must check in prior to your flight, and often need to print your boarding pass.

Ryanair is my personal favourite website to find crazy discounted flights, the route map under the tab ‘Plan’ makes it so easy to search flights at near by airports. This shows users exactly where they could fly their starting point and on the left is a list of cheapest flights for different destinations. The lowest prices I’ve seen on the site was for 6 euros, and the cheapest flight I have ever purchased is for $10 us.

There are a few things that you need to know about flying with this company, the incredibly cheap flights are only possible if you only travel with a carry on. It is possible to upgrade to business class or first class which includes baggage, yet it is much more expensive than the standard fare.

When I mean you are allowed a carry on, I mean they literally only allow you to bring a single bag that fits their exact carry on size requirements. I have never had issues because I always travel with a cloth duffle bag, which is easy to stuff into the overhead storage in the cabin. Yet, I have seen passengers having to pay an extra 50 euros to check their carry on suitcases because it did not fit the sites exact dimensions.

Checking into your flight prior to arriving to the airport is something everyone has to do, if not flyers will be charged to do that at the airport. I would very strongly recommend printing your boarding pass instead of downloading it on the app. Sometimes Ryanair check in desks accept the boarding pass through the app, but it has happened that the airport only accepts printed boarded passes and could charge passengers for this. Like most budget airlines, you get exactly what you pay for, and spend time looking at the fine details, if not, your flight could suddenly become extremely expensive. But if you are familiar with the ins and outs of Ryanair, it is possible to travel throughout Europe for almost nothing.


-For cheap flights all over the United States, Europe, Israel, and Canada.

-Best for those who travel extremely lightly

Cons: It is even more of a budget airline than Ryanair, the standard fare for Wowair doesn’t even include a free piece of carry-on luggage. Every single part of the flight must be paid for, always read the fine print.

The best way to find deals fast on this site is to look under the ‘Best Fares’ or ‘Our Destinations’ then you will be able to see all of the best prices from different destinations. The flights are incredibly cheap, but make sure you account for all of the possible hidden fees before purchasing a ticket, like Ryanair if you understand how to fly with Wowair, you will find some of the best deals.

by Jen Drews
by Jen Drews


-For finding cheap local and international flights, and discount hotel prices

-Best for travelers who have very flexible travel times, and no particular destination

Cons: Website can be really confusing to navigate, flight deals are often last minute, and to find really good deals you need to check the website daily.

This is a favourite site of many of my ‘backpacking’ friends, who have used it many times to jump across the globe for extremely cheap prices. This site is not as user friendly, and there are so many discounts that at first it just seems complicated and confusing. Sign up for the email list and check the prices daily to different locations, and guaranteed you will find an amazing plane ticket price.


-For discounted hotels, travel packages, and flights

-Best for those who live in the United States, and sometimes Europe.

Cons: The site does not accommodate for long-term travellers, there are only certain travel times for 1 or 2 weeks that you are able to choose between. Usually, the deals are to very specific destinations, and prices advertised do not necessarily in

The app is the easiest way to use Travel Pirates, yet it is better for people who are looking for vacation packages. There are many different destinations that have really good prices, yet the prices can vary depending on the city that you are departing from.